E. Wes Bethel
Senior Computer Scientist
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Computing Sciences Division,
Computational Research Division,
Data Science and Technology Department,
Data Analytics and Visualization Group.

E. Wes Bethel
Mail Stop 59R4104
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
The University of California
Berkeley, California 94720-8139

email: ewbethel at lbl dot gov
phone: (510) 486-7353
fax: (510) 486-5812

Administrative Contact: Sophia Pasadis, SPasadis at lbl dot gov, (510) 486-4183.

About phone calls – I much prefer email because chances are quite high that if you call out of the blue, you're interrupting something. Email allows me to interact with people in more effectively and efficiently in an asynchronous fashion. Thanks for your cooperation.

Note: if you are a vendor thinking of doing cold call to try to sell me something, please don't do it. Instead, send me an email. I do not take unsolicited phone calls.


Bethel, a Senior Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and his team conduct basic and applied research and development on techniques and tools for enabling scientific knowledge discovery in some of the world's largest collections of scientific data generated by computational models, simulations, and experiments. Since taking over as Group Leader in 2001, he has grown the program from two persons with an annual budget of about $500K to a vibrant program that has earned an internationally acclaimed reputation for excellence, and that consists of about 10 staff and an annual budget of over $4M. He conceived and was the Coordinating Principal Investigator for the SciDAC2 Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technology (VACET), which made production-quality, petascale-capable visualization a reality at DOE high performance computing facilities, and that produced software tools in use by a worldwide scientific community in disciplines ranging from high energy physics to climate modeling. His research interests include high performance and data-intensive computing; computer graphics; scientific and information visualization; image and signal analysis; performance optimization in data-intensive applications; distributed computing; methods for knowledge discovery; and usability. He is an ACM Distinguished Scientist, and a Senior Fellow at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (UC Berkeley).


Technical Writing

Essays on Scientific Research

In my many years of doing scientific research, there are a number of issues that keep coming up over and over again when writing papers with others. The following are a collection of essays that reflect my personal thinking on some of these potentially touchy subjects. Note: these essays are my personal opinion and do not reflect the views of LBNL, DOE, the State of California, nor the US Government.

Reviewing Papers

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Other Fun Stuff

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