Making movies in VisIt (Linux)

You can use the following script to generate movies. The script has some hardcoded setting for loading filenames and contour values.

  1. Run the script in visit with the following command
    visit -cli -s

  2. You'll end up with ppm files. The script generates 3 identical images per-unique-frame; this is for reducing image compression/encoding artefacts.

  3. Logon to davinci.
    • Copy over all the files.

  4. Do the following:
    • module load ensight/8.0.7g
    • ffmpeg80 -b 2500 -i maciek%04d.ppm -s 1024x1024 -hq movie.mpg

    • The -s argument is the target movie frame size. This needs to be a multiple of 2 and it's best if the frame size is close to the original image size.

  5. On regular linux platforms w/ a default installation of ffmpeg, you can try:
    • ffmpeg -b 100000 -i maciek%04d.ppm -vcodec mpeg4 movie.mp4

    That should create a relatively simple high quality mpeg movie (which works on windows/mac/powerpoint/etc).