Making 2D lat/lon climate plots in VisIt

The CSU geodesic 3D grid is rendered (by default) on a sphere. In order to 2D lat/lon projection, you will need the following steps. We are working on a custom operator that will automate the the following steps.

  • Create a pseudocolor plot of pressure (for example).
  • Create a Transform operator that projects from Cartesian to Spherical Co-ordinate system.
  • Apply a Transform operator that rotates the grid about the x-axis by 90 degrees.
  • Use the planar slice operator to select an atmospheric level. Specify a slice at x intercept of 1079.
  • Apply a Transform operator to scale the 2D images by 57.3 (180/PI) in x and y dimensions
  • Apply a Transform operator that translates the plot in y direction by 90
  • Finally, bring up Control->View window, set 2D View Window properties to "0 360 -90 90" to cover the proper extents

Screenshot of different steps in the lat/lon plot.