Getting started with VisIt

Start visit.
Goto File->Open.
Click on the netcdf file you want to open.
Be sure to choose "CSU" when specifying the file type. This forces VisIt to use the custom NetCDF plugin.

Once the file has loaded, you'll notice that plot menus get activated. We will try to plot the underyling 2D Mesh.
Goto Plot->Mesh.
Two kinds of meshes are available (mesh_2d and mesh_3d)
Select mesh_2d.
Click Draw. The 2D mesh should show up on the screen. You can delete or hide the 2D mesh.

Plot mesh_3d. You will see that the 2D and 3D meshes look identical since you are unable to look inside the 3D mesh. Slicing the 3D mesh is often a useful operation.
Goto Operators->ThreeSlice. This will render the mesh data on three orthogonal slices.

You can now try navigating in the scene. Clicking and dragging with your left mouse button will rotate the object. This is the default "compass"mode. The interaction buttons are located in the toolbar near the top of the rendering window.

Select the "Zoom" mode (magnifying glass icon). You can then draw a box on the screen and zoom into that box. Note that as we do this operation for mesh_3d we see the vertical levels are not perfectly spherical. Use the "Camera" boxes to re-center your view or undo-redo your camera viewpoints.