Annotating 2D Lat/Lon Plots

In order to customize the look of the 2D plot, you can experiment with a number of options. First of all, bring up the annotations window by clicking Controls->Annotation. Go to the "General" Tab. Uncheck the "Database" and "User" information. This will remove the database file name and your login information.

Next, you can change the lables on the X and Y axis. Select the "2D" Tab. Select X axis and check "Title", "Custom title" and "Custom Units". You can change the X title to "Longitude" and Y title to "Latitude".

In order to control the placement of the colorbar, go to the "Objects" tab. Select the Pseudocolor legend. Uncheck the "Let Visit manage legend position". Select "Horizontal, Text on Bottom" layout option. You can then specify the legend position manually, or use the drop-down box next to the manual entry to specify a location.

Finally, you can use the same "Objects" tab to create a new "Text" object. You can then specify the Text contents, position and width.