Visualization of CSU Climate Simulation Data with VisIt

VisIt pseudocolor and isocontour plot of surface temperature. Underlying 2D geodesic mesh is in black Cut-away view of the 3D geodesic grid and 3D isocontours.Hi-res 4kx4k version
Pseudocolor plot of land cover on the geodesic grid. 3D isocontours of vorticity.Hi-res 4kx4k version Composite plot of multiple mesh types and variables in the geodesic grid. Cell area (2D cell-centered data) and wind velocity (3D corner-centered on layers) data is shown by pseudocolor plots. Pressure (3D cell-centered on layers) is shown by contour lines.

This document presents a short tutorial to get you started on using VisIt. VisIt is a powerful visualization and analytics software package developed by LLNL and currently in active use/development by a number of research institutions.

Tutorial 1: Getting started with VisIt

Tutorial 2: Using Plots and Operators

Tutorial 3: Using Analysis tools

Tutorial 4: Customizing visualizations

Tutorial 5: Creating lat/lon 2D plots

Tutorial 6: Annotating plots

Tutorial 7: Creating continental outlines


Plot of different variable/mesh types

Visualization results of Jablonowski runs at r7 and r8

CSU plugin:

Installing the CSU plugin

Known Issues with CSU Plugin

Links to More Information

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