Visualization of Flame Simulation Data with VisIt

This document presents a short tutorial to get you started on using VisIt. VisIt is a powerful visualization and analytics software package developed by LLNL and currently in active use/development by a number of research institutions.

Tutorial 1: Loading your dataset, simple interactions.

Tutorial 2: Using Plots, Operators and some analysis tools.

Tutorial 3: Loading multiple datasets.

Tutorial 4: Particle Plots

Tutorial 5: Creating movies in VisIt.

Links to More Information

VisIt Home Page

Gallery of VisIt projects

VisIt documentation

INCITE 12 Project abstract @NERSC [ Link ].

Note on File format issues with tecplot. The first issue we ran into was that the tecplot file specification DT=(DOUBLE DOUBLE ..) listed more variables than were actually written out in the file (x/y/u/v/etc). After fixing that problem, we realized that the VisIt tecplot reader had an issue with interpreting the contents of the dataset if both x and y variables had a unit attribute next to them. So "x (cm)" and "y (cm)" seemed to break the reader. The reader works if "x" and "y" are used instead. We are looking into a fix for this problem.

Note on File format issues with EnSight. The current VisIt EnSight file format reader assumes that all "parts" have the same topological dimension (namely 3). The provided datasets had particles (dimension 0) which were causing the reader to fail. Offending line: (In avtEnSightFileFormat::PopulateDatabaseMetaData())
avtEnSightFileFormat.C:748. mesh->topologicalDimension = 3; This bug was tracked by Hank Childs