Prabhat is a member of the Scientific Visualization group and the NERSC Analytics team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His current research interests include scientific data management, parallel I/O, high performance computing and scientific visualization. He is also interested in applied statistics, machine learning, computer graphics and computer vision. Prabhat received an ScM in Computer Science from Brown University (2001) and a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT-Delhi (1999). He is currently pursuing a PhD in the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department at U.C. Berkeley.

Current projects

I am currently leading the DOE/ASCR funded ExaHDF5 project; which is tasked with scaling HDF5 on current petascale and future exascale platforms.
I was recently funded by the DOE Applied Math program to pursue R&D in scalable statistics and machine learning algorithms for data-centric science. Our project is titled MANTISSA; a webpage is coming soon.
I am also leading the development of pattern detection and spatial statistics tools for the CASCADE SFA.

A pointer to my NERSC Analytics webpage.


In the field of computer science, I've published in the areas of High Performance Computing, Data Management, Scientific Visualization, Human Computer Interaction, Statistics and Machine Learning. I enjoy solving problems in domain sciences; I've worked on problems in Climate, Planetary Geoscience, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Neuroscience. Here is a link to my publications and presentations

Recent Work

Parallel I/O, Analysis and Visualization of a Trillion particle simulation
Searching for Extreme Events in Large Climate Data
Streaming the Universe @100Gbps

Links to past projects

Analysis of void space in porous materials
Analysis of Laser Wakefield Simulations
Visualization of Galaxy mergers
Tuning HDF5 at NERSC
Parallel I/O for GCRM simulations
VisIt Hero Runs
Climate Vis work for GFDL/NOAA (CM2.4 simulations)
Climate Vis work for GFDL/NOAA (c180/c360 simulations)
Climate Vis work for David Randall (GCRM)
Climate Vis work for Michael Wehner (CCSM)
Visualization of QMC simulations
Visualization of Flame Simulation data

Contact Information

Computational Research Division
Mail Stop 50F-1650
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
The University of California
Berkeley, California 94720
email: prabhat AT lbl dot gov
phone: (510) 486-7752