VisIt Images Showing Effect of Vector Stride

These images show a very close-up view of the center of the last time step (1.8955 s) of the s20.0_whw02 dataset. The 2D vector field has been reflected; on the right is the entropy field. Both the vector and entropy fields have been normalized.

The images on this page show the effect of the vector stride on the what appears to be the motion of the vector field. Whereas it may be tempting to adjust the stride to get just enough vectors to cover the field of view, the flow field looks very different using a stride of 6 compared to a stride of 4.

To see an image at full-size, right click on the image and select "View Image" from the popup menu.

stride = 1        stride = 2

stride = 4        stride = 6

stride = 8        stride =10

stride = 11        stride = 12