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  • Conferences:

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  • Conferences/Meetings (short communications)

  • Ushizima, D.M., "Scalability of Scientific Image Analysis", Informs Annual Meeting: Bringing Data and Decisions, San Francisco, CA, Nov 2014.

  • Ushizima, D.M., Correa, J., Skinner, D., Bethel, E.W.,"Analysis and visualization of image-based experiments", Biomedical research: current challenges in computing conference (C3), IBM sponsored, Sep 2013.

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  • Invited talks

  • How images shape your life, and shapes from images
    LBNL Workforce Development and Education Seminar, Berkeley, CA
    Host/Chair: Laleh Esmaili Cote, Undergraduate Internship Coordinator, Berkeley, Fev 2014.

  • Energy technologies meets computing and data analysis
    EETD Seminar Series, LBL, Berkeley, CA
    Host/Chair: Scott Young, Research Scientist, Environmental Energy Tech, EETD, Jan 2014. [PDF]

  • Multimodal and Multiresolution Analysis and Visualization of Experimental Data
    Informs: Data Mining in Medical Decision Making and Bioinformatics Applications, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    Host/Chair: Kamran Paynabar,Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, 2013.

  • Data analysis and visualization for the Brain Initiative
    LBNL Brain Workshop
    Host: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

  • Aquisicao de imagens digitais em experimentos cientificos: desafios, resultados e perspectivas
    Seminar at Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto
    Host: Andrea Bianchi, UFOP, 2013.

  • Image analysis of experimental data
    Workshop of the Program on Statistical and Computational Methodology for Massive Datasets
    Host: Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute (SAMSI), Research Triangle, MD, 2013.

  • Analysis and Visualization of High-throughput Experiments
    Workshop on Driving Discovery: Visualization, Data Management, and Workflow Techniques - Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory
    Host: Nicholas Schwarz (APS), Siwei Wang (APS), Ian McNulty (CNM), and C.D. Phatak (EMC), 2013.

  • High School Outreach
    Host: LBNL, 2013.

  • Approaches to retinal image analysis
    VI Annual Berkeley Conference on Translational Research "Improving Access to Eye Care through Translational Research"
    Host: Jorge Cuadros, 2012.

  • Carbon dioxide, traps and x-ray vision
    LBNL CS Diversity High School Outreach Program - Lowell School, San Francisco, CA
    Host: Richard Shapiro, 2012.

  • Computed tomography analysis in multiscale control of geologic CO2
    Free University of Berlin, Germany: Institute of Computer Science and Konrad Zuse Institute of Information Technology, Berlin
    Host: Ingrid Holtz, 2011

  • Quant-CT: segmenting and quantifying computed tomography
    2011 Advanced Light Source User Meeting, "Analyzing Tomographic Data Sets: From the Micro- to the Nano-Scale", Berkeley, CA
    Host: ALS Tomography Workshop

  • From breast cancer to carbon sequestration: image analysis on science applications, 2011
    Fraunhofer HHI, Einsteinufer 37, 10587 Berlin, Germany
    Host: Jurgen Rurainsk

  • Material and medical image segmentation using SRM and fast marching
    Humboldt University, Math Department, Berlin, Germany

  • Imaging science at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Panel: Opportunities for Research Outside Academia
    Empowering Leadership Alliance National Meeting: April 2-3, 2011.

  • Enabling a next generation of science breakthroughs via computer science, 2010.
    Grace Hopper Conference, Atlanta, GA;
    Host: Deb Agarwaal;

  • Automated retinopathy screening using ocular fundus images, 2010.
    Computer vision and real world applications, 2007.
    Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, San Francisco, CA, USA;
    Host: James Coughlan;

  • Data Analysis Using the R for Statistical Computing , 2009.
    Tec-X, Boulder, CO, USA;
    Host: NERSC User Group (NUG);

  • Computer vision applications: leukemia diagnosis, radar images and coffee classification automation, 2007.
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory;
    Host: Edward Wes Bethel;

  • Computer-aided lymphoproliferative leukemia diagnosis, 2004.
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, DOE, Berkeley, USA;
    Host: J. A. Sethian;

  • Computer-aided lymphoproliferative leukemia diagnosis, 2004.
    Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA;
    Host: B.S. Manjunath;

  • Computer Aided Leukemia Diagnosis, 2002.
    Intelligent Systems & Artificial Vision Lab, University of Salerno, Italy;
    Host: Mario Vento.

    In the media (selected)

  • Brain Visualization Prototype

  • Hosting High School student on Annual Job Shadow Day

  • Bioimaging Initiative Activities

  • Leukemia diagnosis using software tools