R data analysis

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  • Introduction

    R is a high-level functional programming language for statistical data analysis, and it is now the lingua franca in data analysis. It is an open-source software, multiplatform, with an active community, which usually delivers their contributions in the form of packages, extending R capabilities. R scripting has a powerful, easy to learn syntax with many built-in statistical functions. R is an open-source (GPL) statistical environment - click herefor detailed information, downloads, packages and more.


    This is a tutorial presented at the Nersc Users Meeting in Colorado in 2010:
  • Painless R quick tutorial with examples by Dani Ushizima;
  • References:

  • Painless R quick tutorial with examples by Dani Ushizima
  • Using R for Introductory Statistics
  • A great IDE (Windows only)
  • Great general reference

  • Data into information