Ian Bowman
Visualization and Graphics Research Group
Computer Science Department
University of California, Davis
Phone:  530.754.9470
E-Mail: bowman"at"cs.ucdavis.edu

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Research and Academic Information

I am doing research jointly with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and UC Davis. At LBL I am working with John Shalf, and Wes Bethel. At UC Davis I am working with Kwan-Liu Ma. We are creating a Grid-based visualization framework. I am pursuing a masters degree in computer science from UC Davis. I received a bachelors degree in computer science from UC Davis in 2002.

Current Project: Resource Management for Grid-based Visualization

Large-scale scientific computing will soon become Grid-based over high-capacity and high-speed networks. Appropriate Grid-based visualization tools must also be developed to support remote, collaborative data analysis making use of geographically distributed high-performance computing and storage facilities. The Grid offers the baseline infrastructure for launching this distributed pipeline, but offers no services that support even marginally optimal resource selection or partitioning for a visualization pipeline. Our work is creating a methodology that enables optimal resource allocation and pipeline partitioning for Grid-based visualization. Read more.