Tutorial 5: Making movies in VisIt (Linux)

You can ask VisIt to render movies. On linux, this will result in a bunch of ppm files. Unfortunately, VisIt's movie encoder will likely fail. These instructions are for taking the ppm files and converting them to an mpeg movie for use in presentations/etc.

  1. Sanity check: when you ask VisIt to create a movie, it should render frames in ppm format, and then create mpeg_link*ppm files which link to the ppm files. Typically 3 link files point to 1 ppm file, this is for reducing image compression/encoding artefacts.

  2. Logon to davinci.
    • Copy over all the files.
    • Make sure that the links and data files are copied over. (i.e. the links do not point to empty files)

  3. Do the following:
    • module load ensight/8.0.7g
    • ffmpeg80 -b 2500 -i mpeg_link%04d.ppm -s 1150x1092 -hq movie.mpg

    That should create a relatively simple high quality mpeg movie (which works on windows machines/powerpoint/etc). The -s argument is the image size of the ppm files which will need to be determined manually.