Reservoir_C Data

  • Cones for Flux
  • Depth-Averaged Cones for Flux
  • Backwards Streamlines

    Cones for Flux

    Use of cones at every non-zero-valued grid point for the final time step in the simulation. Click here for super hi-res version (1800x1600) of this image.

    Depth-Averaged Cones

    Comparison of per-cell flux cones (click here for hi-res) with depth-averaged flux cones using the same data (hi-res version.

    Check out a couple of short, 13-frame MPEG movies: Per-Cell Cones Movie and Depth-Averaged Cones Movie. (Note: you may want to tweak your Mailcap file so that mpeg_play will loop explicitly, since these movie loops are so short.

    Backward Streamlines

    Backwards streamlines computed from a virtual well placed at what looks like an oil producing area. A radius of about "1200" (in the local coordinate system) spreads the seed points out around the well. The streamlines are depth-colorized, and some effort in tweaking renderer parameters was needed (depth cueing and adjusting of the front/rear clipping planes) to effectively "hide" data which is "far away". Click here for super hi-res version (1800x1600) of this image.

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