Vis. techniques for EB data - basic and research


What follows is just "chicken scratchings" for the LDRD Final Report.


    Conceptually straightforward techniques/extensions

    Note:  Although these are conceptually straightforward extensions, a considerable amount of work is necessary to implement any of them in existing vis. packages because none provide even basic support (e.g. data structures) for this.
  1. Flatten data and treat embedded boundaries (EB) separately
  2. Independent collections of data on grids and treat EB separately (render together)
  3. Cut and paste and render (replace vis. of coarse data with vis. of finer data where possible and show the result, seams and all) and treat EB separately
  4. Other techniques/extensions

  5. EB/vof's treated and visualized as 1st class citizens in AMR data rather than extracting them as geometry and visualizing them separately (ANAG needs storage capabilities for EB inside AMRv)
  6. Visualization of result in the continuous problem domain rather than in the discrete computation domain - collaborative effort required
  7. "Grid" visualization
  8. Data selection and interrogation referenced all the way back through visualization tools to Boxlib (lacking in basic infrastructure)


Leverage off NCSA work.