"You are in a maze of twisty passages that all look alike"

(Multi-user Networked Environments)

Stephen Lau
LBNL/NERSC Visualization Group

Monday, November 1, 1999
1:00 - 2:00 PM
50F Conference Room

The development of networked based games and real time communication dates back to the origins of the Internet with applications such as "talk" and "Empire". Recently, the entertainment and computer industries have developed many new forms of real-time network based human-to-human interaction. The growth of these networked based systems has been phenomenal, however in most cases, the directions they have grown was unlike what was expected. This session will highlight some of the approaches taken in solving problems with multi-user networked environments, how people interact within them, and implications all this has on developing "real" multi-user network based applications. Demonstrations and refreshments are planned.

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