Reads a sequence of images of any of the formats supported by DVread_image, JPEG, PBM, SGI Image, Sun Raster, GIF, TIFF. See the note on AVS/Express documentation regarding the use of the LZW compression capabilities.

Input Ports

No inputs.


These parameters are found within the parameter group ReadImagesParams.

FileFormat string A string specifying the images to read. The string should follow the C language format style. For example to read a sequence of images from the directory /home/data/images named Imag0001.x, Imag0002.x .... the string is: "/home/data/images/Imag%04d.x"
StartImage int The first image in the sequence.
EndImage int The last image in the sequence.
Step int The step to advance in the sequence
Run boolean Triggers the reading of the sequence

Output Ports

out DefaultObject Images


The User Macro ReadImages allows the user to read a sequence of images, that can be passed to other modules to display or capture to make an MPEG with AVS/Express MPEG capabilities.


An example application is provided to create an MPEG using the image_capture module. Load the application from the readimages_appl.v file in the lbl_proj/readimages directory. Set the image_capture module to capture from view and after the frames are stored (disk or memory are the choices) you can review the images or make an MPEG.