ReadImages Project

This directory (lbl_proj/readimages) contains all the V code and 
documentation for for the project "ReadImages".

Once the files have been unzipped and tared, the project should
be ready to use.There are not low-level modules that require compilation.

cd to the top level directory lbl_proj and run AVS/Express. Load the 
application readimages_appl.v in the v directory. 


The following files can be found in the lbl_proj/readimages directory.

readimages.v			Creates the LBL_PROJ.ReadImages library.

readimages_mods.v		Creates the LBL_PROJ.ReadImagesMods library 
				containing the low-level Parameter groups, 
				and the ReadImage Module.

readimages_macs.v		Creates the LBL_PROJ.ReadImagesMacs library
				containing the high-level macros, ReadImagesUI,
				and the user macro ReadImages.

The lbl_proj/data directory contains example images files that can be read 
with ReadImages macro.