DiVA Component Inteface Workshop: July 8-9 2003, Eugene OR

Workshop Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of this workshop is to focus exclusively on defining requirements, needs and potential avenues for implementing visualization software component interfaces. Other issues, like data models, deployment strategies, performance modeling and so forth are being set aside for the July meeting. The overall objective for the meeting is to generate a definition of types of visualization components, which in turn forms the basis for defining interface requirements and potential avenues of implementation.


A detailed agenda is still under construction. Nominally, the agenda will be as follows:

Location & Lodging

For information about the location and lodging, please refer to this link, which was created by the CCA Forum meeting organizers.

The "delta" from the information listed at the above link is that the DiVA Component Interface meeting will be held on July 8-9 2003 at the same hotel as the CCA meeting. You should plan your arrangements accordingly.


John ClyneNCAR
Bryce Hathaway (for Ken Joy)UC Davis
Sam FulcomerBrown University
Mike PapkaANL
Pat MoranNASA-Ames
Jim KohlORNL
Steve ParkerUniversity of Utah
Polly BakerUniversity of Indiana
Wes Bethel LBNL

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